Jason Ross 5-Week Masterclass 


  • Four (4) 1-hour 30 minute Mastermind Group Sessions
  • One (1) 1-Hour Private 1 on 1 Coaching Session
  • My personal production & composition workflow
  • My Secret Weapons Sample-Pack
  • A complete walkthrough of one of my latest tracks
  • Access to the Jason Ross Masterclass Facebook Group
  • Access to the Jason Ross Masterclass Alumni Group
  • Personalized feedback from Jason and fellow producers
  • Weekly Action Items so you stay accountable
  • Formula for finishing music fast & dropping writer's block
  • Advanced Mixing & Mastering Techniques
  • Your OWN Finished, Commercially Polished, Beatport Ready Track
  • ... and much MORE



+ How do I reserve my spot in the class and when does it start?

Simply make your payment through the payment portal and we will be in touch with you via email confirming your reservation to confirm your reservation. Start date will be Wednesday, January 4th, 2017.

+ What is this whole Masterclass about?

It’s a 5-week course, with 4 weeks of live group sessions, and 1 week of a 1-on-1 session Jason Ross, centered around getting your productions to a professional level of commercial polish, loudness and clarity.

Each week (for 4 weeks), Jason will take you through his methods of how he creates his soaring synths and driving basslines, how he lays out percussion and effects elements, and how he mixes and master to get that polished sound that's festival/radio-ready.

After the 4 weeks, you will receive a complimentary 1-hour 1-on-1 session with Jason, where you can discuss anything production-related.

In addition, you’ll receive coaching, help and feedback every step of the way from Jason - and the other talented producers that will be joining you on your journey. We’ll be there to help you, give you support and learn from you at the same time.

After 5 weeks, you’ll learn & understand Jason's simple to follow framework that you can use to quickly create new tracks for the rest of your career!

This is the framework Jason personally uses to create massive hits like 'Atlas' and 'Me Tonight' (so you know it works).

Plus, you’ll have one killer track that you can add to your portfolio. ;)

+ What software will we be using/covering?

Jason be using Ableton during the calls, but anything he shows can easily be applied to any other program (Logic, FL Studio, Cubase, etc.).You can use any DAW you’d like! We wouldn’t recommend switching your platform just for this course.

Common plug-ins Jason will be using: Spire, Massive, Sylenth1, Fab-filter, Cytomic Glue Compressor, Dada Life Sausage Fattener, and Nicky Romero’s Kickstart plugin. If you don’t have all of these, that’s alright, there are always alternatives. The minimum requirements are that you have a powerful enough system that can hold your DAW, Sylenth1, and Nicky Romero Kickstart.

+ What skill level is this Masterclass for?

This course is for intermediate to advanced producers. You should have, at the least, a basic understanding of your DAW. You should know basic functions, basics of a synthesizer, how to lay elements out onto your arranger. This course will go pretty fast, so it’s recommended that you have some prior production experience.

+ What time will the sessions be? When will they start?

The sessions will be at 8:30pm EST / 5:30pm PST and starting on Wednesday, January 4th. The sessions will be 4 weeks in a row at the same time.


Once we are getting started, you'll receive an email with a number of dates and times available for your 1-on-1 session. The 1-on-1s will last 1 hour so I can get to know you, get to know your music, and so you can ask me any questions and get feedback on any of your tracks.

+ How will the sessions be held?

We use high quality Zoom software so you can join the sessions from your computer as well as call in and join from your phone.

+ Will the sessions be recorded?

Absolutely. If you have to miss a session for any reason you'll still be able to watch at your convenience, up to 5 months following the end of our class.

Who is the top-tier, advanced class for?

The entire 5-Week Masterclass is meant for intermediate to advanced producers, but the advanced course is meant for EXTREMELY focused, career driven producers looking for some additional 1 on 1 attention.
This advanced tier is NOT specifically meant for the most technically proficient producers, but rather passionate artists looking for next level guidance, networking, and peer feedback.

+ Will you do another Masterclass?

Probably not due to my busy tour schedule this coming summer. If we do open it up again, it probably won't be for a while but keep your eyes open.

Do you offer mixing & mastering services?

Yes, head over to www.jasonrossofficial.com/store to see what services we can provide for your music, as well as Jason's current rates. For further inquiries please get in touch at masterclass@jasonrossofficial.com